Transmission Repair

Lansing-Area Transmission Service

Your vehicle’s transmission system is vital to the operation of your car, truck or mini-van. The transmission’s role is to make sure power is properly sent from the engine to the wheels evenly at the desired speed and to change gears as needed.

Over time, automatic and manual transmissions have become more sophisticated with additional gears and computerized electronic controls, and are designed to work with the engine controls.

Maintaining your vehicle’s transmission fluid

One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to maintaining your vehicle’s transmission fluid. In some cars you check the transmission with the engine running. Each vehicle manufacturer has a different set or recommendations with how often the transmission fluid should be replaced with some at 30,000 and others at 100,000 miles.

Transmission repair service

Transmissions are complicated systems and required specialists like our ASE certified mechanics to advise on whether a transmission can be fixed, rebuilt or need to be replaced. We’ll help you go through your options and perform any necessary transmission work.

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